12 Facts You Need To Know About Creating Your Dream Lifestyle

Internet marketing is an excellent way to achieve your dream lifestyle but you still need to set goals along the way to keep you on track.  Did you know?:


1.    Setting goals is the first step towards making change in your life.
2.    Specific goals which are measurable and have a set time-frame work best.
3.    14% of people have a dream or goal in mind.
4.    A Harvard study showed 83% of the US population do not have goals.
5.    Only 3% of people write their goals down.
6.    All the most successful personal development gurus agree that goals should be written down.
7.    Statistically you are 50% more likely to achieve your goal if you write it down.
8.    When you write a goal down it should be specific, not vague, broken down into steps and then you will have a clear plan for achieving your goal.
9.    Of the people that make a New Year’s resolution each year, 92% will have failed by the middle of January!
10. By writing the goal down you are not mixing it up with all the other thousands of thoughts you have each day, which could be lost or forgotten.
11. Carrying your written goal around with you acts as a powerful motivator and reminder.
12. You are more likely to succeed if you share your goals, vision and progress with a trusted friend or mentor.

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Jo Ward

Internet Entrepreneur | Property Investor | Business Coach | Luxury Addict