Whatever they are selling or promoting, online businesses are replacing the traditional ways of making money. Added to that, online businesses often come with the rather nice option of location freedom, meaning you can work from where you want, when you want.

An online business really can be an great way to create a life of your dreams but there are a number of commonly held false beliefs:

Myth 1 - It Takes Serious Money to Make Money Online

They used to say in business that it takes money to make money. We've all grown up hearing this so we believe it to be true but times are changing. A traditional franchise business for example could cost you $100k+ plus all the associated overheads of running buildings, getting staff, buying stock etc. Of course all businesses require some level of investment, however an online business is free from a lot of business overheads, is low risk and requires minimum investment.

Myth 2– You need to be an Expert

You do not need to be an expert in the field you choose. You just need to know more than the average person. As the saying goes "In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king". You could also include your lack of knowledge and learning journey as part of your story, which others will relate to. You could be perceived as more 'authentic' than smooth talking gurus. You may already have an interest or passion that you could leverage too.

Myth 3 – Making Money Online is Easy Peasy

Before you get too excited about making money online and decide to write an ebook in a weekend, advertise it online and sell thousands of copies, here is a word of caution. An online businesses is the same as an offline business in one big way - it needs time and effort. Although relatively simple in comparison to a traditional business, you will need a few key things:

a) A proven, credible system - don't be a guinea pig for a new venture or try and reinvent the wheel.

b) Support and coaching - when you get stuck, it's important to have someone who has already had success in your field to help.

c) High ticket sales - what would you prefer - selling 100,000 products for $10 to make $1m or selling 100 products each worth $10k?

The truth revealed

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