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Is Your Site Ready For GDPR Compliance?

So what is GDPR?  It stands for General Data Protection Regulation and you may have heard that new digital privacy regulation is on its way.  In fact by 25 May 2018 you need to be compliant if you are collecting data from anyone in the EU.  This regulation has big implications for internet marketers.If you are hosting your own site or sites for others are you meeting the standards required?

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Earn Money Online By Creating Your Own Money Generating Blog Part 1

Your Ingredients

So you want to earn money online?

$1k /month? $5k/month $20k/month? more?

All very possible if you do it right and use the right tools for the job. I'll show you the tools I use to create a money generating blog or website.

And to put your mind at rest, you don't need to be a geek, programmer or rocket scientist. Using the tools I'll show you, you just need to be at a level where you can create and send an email for example or create a basic document in a word processor such as Word and drag and drop items on a page to lay them out as you wish. Easy peasey!

Blogs have been all the rage for quite a few years now and some blogs have huge fan bases making their owners very rich. The majority of blogs are created in WordPress, a free online blogging platform with millions of users. In fact, over the years the platform has evolved somewhat and can be used as a website and blog platform all rolled into one.

Much like this site itself.

So when I talk about blog I also mean website and visa versa. Both elements are present and can be used at the same time. the blog posts can be used for dynamic daily content and the website part, the more static pages tend to be updated less often.

The aim is to create website that will generate money for you, to achieve this aim we need to take control of the website and integrate it with a number of conversion based tools. You see, just having a good looking website isn't enough. You need to be pro actively turning visitors into leads into sales ie generating cash.

So where do we start?

Hosting Your Website

We are about to talk about the website, but first let's talk about hosting.

Hosting is all about having a home for your site that is secure, fast and easy to use. The site you create should be hosted by a professional hosting company such as SiteGround (the one we use) or BlueHosting for example and is a prerequisite for your actual website. Costs are a few dollars a month to get you going. 

Avoid using all in one online sites such as Wix or Godaddy site builder for this type of work. They are great for simple websites to showcase a business but remember we want ours to generate cash and so have to take control ourselves.

Your website / blog

Once you have chosen your hosting provider, its time to pick a name for your website and create the actual site. I'm sure you are aware that each website has an address (URL), ie or Each of these names is unique and you have to purchase your own "Domain name" as it's called. your hosting provider will facilitate this. Most 4 or 5 character names have been taken, you will need to be creative in coming up with a unique name.

Again, the hosting provider will also help you get started by installing the basic framework of your site - we recommend WordPress which is the best choice in our opinion. I'll be putting some video's on youtube and in this blog showing how to achieve this - it's easier than you think!

So once you have installed wordpress you will have a basic (but empty) website! Visitors will be able to see your site in the browser - you are now live!

Now of course an empty site is somewhat useless! You have to fill it with content, ie you need to start writing a blog post a day or more to fill it out.

This can take a while - don't expect to start making money overnight. You need to start building the content and make your site worthwhile visiting. Expect to give before you receive. Don't even think about selling at this early stage. Just focus on creating great useful content that will benefit visitors. The selling comes later.

In Part 2 I'll cover other building blocks you will need before your site will start generating cash.


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