Our Quick Guide To Internet Marketing Resources

If you’re ready to start building an online business or promoting your existing brick-and-mortar company, the next step is to expand your knowledge and find the right tools that you’re going to work with. This resource guide will give you some good jumping off points to continue your education as well as providing some tools that will help you achieve more, quicker.


Reading List



Moz Blog is by far one of the most respected and comprehensive resources on the net for digital marketing. It is filled with great news and information and has definitive guides for all the various pillars of digital marketing, from SEO to social media marketing.



For news specific to SEO however, Search Engine Journal is probably one of the best resources out there and will ensure you stay up-to-date.



This blog from Matt Cutts is one of the most popular for SEO news too and there’s a very good reason for that – that being that Matt Cutts actually works for Google and therefore has insider information on its inner workings!

Smart Passive Income


The home of Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income is one of the most popular blogs on the web for making money online. It can show you how to build a blog, monetize it and promote it. Pat is a nice guy and this comes across in all his posts and videos, making it all the more enjoyable and informative.


Warrior Forum


This is one of the biggest communities for internet marketers and a great place to find and sell services, as well as to exchange internet marketing tips. Do be careful though, as the quality of work varies greatly!

Black Hat World


Black Hat World is another marketing forums. While ‘black hat’ SEO is the very type of SEO that is likely to result in your site getting penalized, that is not all this site is about. There are some genuinely good services and useful contacts to be found here. More than anything though, it’s an interesting introduction to the world of SEO.

Tools and Resources

Thrive Themes


This is a fantastic tool for building websites offering a full suite of WordPress plugins, constant updates and new plugins, training, templates and unlimited support.  We use Thrive and we have been seriously impressed and that is saying something for us!

Keyword Planner


This is Google’s Keyword Planner. It is designed to be used for PPC campaigns through AdWords but it can also be useful as a way to research terms for your SEO campaigns.

PageSpeed Insights


Use this tool to see how long your site takes to load and how this might be impacting on your SEO.

Mobile Friendly Test


Use this test to see how mobile friendly your site is and whether this is having a negative or positive impact on your rankings.



There are numerous different affiliate marketing platforms. This is one of the best and a great place to learn the ropes.



Likewise, there are many different email autoresponders but this is the one we recommend, a very good one for getting stuck in and learning how they work. If you use our link above, we have negotiated 30 days' free membership for you!


Paul O'Mahony


A multi-millionaire social media expert and a thoroughly nice guy!  He is one of our mentors and we seriously recommend his training to anyone wanting to make serious money online using social media. When you click on our link for Paul you can view a free webinar.

Simon Coulson


If you want to get a recognised diploma in internet marketing then this is the guy to go to.  A really down-to-earth, ordinary guy that has made a lot of money online.  If you want to learn, learn from the best. By clicking on our link above you can view his Internet Marketing Profits course free for 30 days.

Paul Lynch


Paul started off as a pro-footballer who, after a serious injury, had to replace his footballers salary with something else and went on to create an online system that has made him (and his devoted followers) millions of dollars.  If you want to check out the done-for-you, automated, high ticket sales system that has made him an internet fortune and why we use it ourselves, watch Paul's quick video by clicking the link above. If you have any questions, just send us a quick email.

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