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Online SEO Online training course. 5 Parts

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SEO Online Training Course - (5 Hours)

1. Understand what it will take to make your website rank higher on Google
Using simple, plain English you will discover how Google evaluates your website and how it decides which sites will appear higher in the search results. The aim is to get you to the top slot.

2. Learn how to find the best keywords for your website
Using the right tools, You will discover the exact keywords your customers and competitors are using and how to push your website to the top of Google for those keywords.

3. Learn how to beat your competitors on Google
Analyse your top-ranking competitors and learn from their successful strategy.

4. Understand how to optimise your pages for Google
How to check your web pages appear relevant to Google for the search terms your customers are actually using to find your business and products/services.

5. Discover how to get links from high-quality sites
Discover the best strategies for getting other websites to link to your site to improve your trust and authority with Google.

6. Learn how Social Media can be used to improve your Google ranking
How to use sites such as Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn to improve your visibility on Google.

7. Learn how to convert more of your search traffic into sales
Learn how to increase your conversion rate by improving the content and usability of your website.

8. Learn how to prevent your website being penalised by Google
Google are constantly updating their algorithm to prevent manipulation of the search results and to provide their users with the best possible experience. You will learn how to avoid losing your precious website traffic.

9. Learn how to get your website ranking higher locally
If you wish to attract local visitors to your business, you will be shown how to get your website ranking prominently for local searches.

10. Learn how to get your website ranking higher internationally
If you wish to attract visitors from other countries, learn how to get your website ranking prominently on international search engines.

11. Learn how to identify technical issues that may be affecting your Google ranking
Learn how to analyse your website with easy-to-follow recommendations to boost your Google rankings and online sales.

12. Develop an SEO Strategy and a Plan of Action
You will receive a simple, set-by-step plan to put your new SEO skills into effect immediately.