The Power Of Giveaways

One of the easiest ways to jumpstart your list building is by setting up a giveaway that will attract your most ideal subscribers. Those are people who are interested in a specific niche market.


Giveaways are used by countless online businesses to generate fresh leads, connect with prospects and get people excited about offers.  You can use this same strategy to launch your list building campaign and fill your mailing list with fresh, targeted subscribers!

Setting up a giveaway, or reward-style campaign is easy.  All you need is:

  • A prize or incentive offer
  • A platform that manages the giveaway

Giveaways are powerful marketing tools because they not only generate a quick influx of traffic to your website, but if you set up a giveaway on a reward based platform where people are given extra tokens, credits or tickets whenever they share it with others, you have a strong chance of going viral.

And when that happens, you’ll not only be able to build insanely large lists of active subscribers, but you’ll position your brand in front of thousands of people quickly and easily!

PerkZilla, a powerful reward based platform, is one of a few programs that offers the ability to connect with some of the most popular mailing list service providers, including GetResponse,  MailChimp or the one Tim and I use, AWeber – click on the link for 30 days’ free subscription

You can check it out at

PerkZilla makes it exceptionally easy to build a mailing list because every person who is referred to your campaign is automatically added to the mailing list of your choosing!


Jo Ward

Internet Entrepreneur | Property Investor | Business Coach | Luxury Addict