Top Challenges That Only Internet Marketers Will Understand

When you’re a digital marketer, you’ll find that very few people understand what you do or what the challenges involved in that are. To them, you are someone who sits at home on their computer all day – and that can’t be that hard, surely?

Of course, we know better! Being a digital marketer can in fact be very challenging and sitting at home is in fact part of that challenge. In this post, we’ll look at some of the challenges – some funny, some frustrating – and maybe feel a little less alone in our plight!


People Wanting Things From You

You work from home and so the assumption is that you don’t really do anything, or that you’re free during the day to run errands, to chat to friends or to meet up when someone has a day off. You’re that friend that is ‘always around’.

Except what we know, is that even a minor interruption to your workflow can write off an entire day, leading to a much more stressful tomorrow!

Getting a Complaint at 10pm

It’s 10pm and you’re out drinking with friends, having a laugh and a good time. Then your phone vibrates, you pull it out your pocket, and you find out that it’s some daft query or nasty comment on social media.

This is pretty much always going to ruin your night, which is why it’s so important to have separate work and ‘fun’ accounts on your phones!

Starting Work at 12pm

Sometimes the freedom of being a self-employed digital marketer is great. Other times, it means that you don’t start doing anything productive until it’s 12pm because you’ve become distracted by Angry Birds, your cat, or something else entirely.

This is also the same day you’ll no doubt finish work at 12am. And it’s the day when you end up feeling hot and headachey because you haven’t left the one room or spoken to anyone in hours…

Doing a Job That No One Understands

This in itself is one of the challenges. It can be rather lonely. I had a friend ask me once if what I did was illegal… Our family still doesn’t really understand what we do either.

Sure, it feels kind of cool having a job that no one quite understands… but luckily Tim is doing this 'online thing' with me which makes it much more fun. If you're feeling alone, or want to share a story, why not visit us on Facebook or Twitter?

Jo Ward

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